Chocolate Chip

The ones that started it all!!! These memorable cookies are my signature cookie. Thousands have been batch at a time. Oh my, the many times these have been shared in our home, socials, or gifts. They are by far my most popular cookie.

When you want a terrific chocolate chip cookie...This is it!

Double Chocolate

Many attempts were tried before this wonderful cookie was successfully created. A crisp outside beckons your taste buds. Once bitten, the soft chocolaty inside is heavenly. This devine cookie was definitely Seasoned with Prayer. It is my personal favorite especially if you warm it slightly. Devilishly Addictive!!!!

Momma's Ginger Snaps

Smelling these baking evokes memories galore. These are my momma's favorite cookies which she could probably make in her sleep. My siblings and I make what are affectionately called "Momma's Ginger Snaps" in our homes. It is my joy to honor my Momma by using her recipe for Miss Janice's Ginger Snaps.

Oatmeal Raisin

Our oatmeal cookie recipe was shared with me by a friend in Cody, WY shared with me. Her oatmeal cookies have a wonderful track record of faithful followers who know a great oatmeal cookie. Miss Janice's customers agree these oatmeal cookies are the best straight up or dunked. You will love the spices and warmth akin to comfort food for the soul.

Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter cookies seem to invite folks to gather around, to slow down and to visit. Perhaps it is because they represent America. They have been a part of America's families for generations. Miss Janice's peanut butter cookie recipe has earned the time honored, "Proof is in the Tasting" stamp of approval.


Our sugar cookie is simple and yet classy. It's topped with colored sugar, sprinkles of the season or rolled in granulated sugar. You will enjoy their rich flavor. Simple cookies...YES, but so good who needs milk?


Omit this, add a smigen of that, try this amount...thus began the process of revamping our tasty oatmeal recipe. Mixing in yummy extras like rice crispies, coconut and semi sweet morsels in perfect amounts, our Ranger Cookie was created. WOW! Another addition to the favorites at Miss Janice's.


Always a favorite cookie any time. I needed a tried and true recipe. A friend in Tiverton Center, Ohio, had just the one. Known far and wide for her snickerdoodles, she graciously shared her recipe with me. Sure enough, they are fabulous. Repeat orders from our customers confirm our snickerdoodles are indeed the best.

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